Try Unusual Way to Make Impressive Photos

Digital cameras now have reduced the difficulty of photography. Almost everyone has the opportunity of shooting. In this era of photo “flooding”, it is worthy to think about how to make your own photo unusual.
If there is a trick that can increase your photography technique, it is your mind, a mind different from any other. As Ansel Adams said, “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”
If you stand straight, take your camera at an ordinary object, from a ordinary angle, at an ordinary time, then your photos only – ordinary.

All of the photography lovers want to make unusual photos, but few of them do it well. That is because most of them don’t put it in mind while they are out for shooting. Some of them think about it, but they affected by some reasons and give up the position and angle that could capture a unique photo.

The best of my photos are those recognized as crazy – may be lying on road. The person is usually my wife.
Even the subject is a look very ordinary thing, if you can shoot from unusual angles (such as lying on the floor), in unusual ways, you will get a surprise.

Unless you are lucky enough, or it is certainly any easy-to-shoot photos are shot by numerous times. However, if you are shooting on the ground, looking down from a high building, shooting on a tree, you may get totally different photos.

In order to go beyond other photographers, you need to fundamentally change their way of looking at the world. After concerning different scenes, light, angle, and texture for several years, I realized that I can look at the world from my own “lens”. In a word, I think that I can see all the different aspects of the world.
Next time when you go out for shooting, why not try the ways below

How do you make your photography more meaningful, moving, and unique?

Lately, I have been fascinated by the idea that our motivation significantly influences the quality of photography that we make.

This sentiment was expressed very well in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. The character is an architect, not a photographer, although the lesson applies to every artist who wants to create great work:

“Nothing can be reasonable or beautiful unless it is made by a central idea, and the idea defines every detail. A living building, like humans. Integrity is to follow its own truth, a single theme, and to serve its own purposes.”