Learn Digital Phoptography

Are there any downsides to digital photography? In the wrong hands, digital images can suffer from poor color or density, undue digital noise, unnatural sharpening, over or under exposure, and loss of detail in highlights or shadows. By hiring a professional, you can guarantee that all of these problems will be avoided with proper exposure , lighting, color, and density calibrations as well as technical experience to achieve stunning results. Digital cameras offer a very important advantage over film.

Where can I find out all about digital photography? There are many choices today! I personally have switched to this new medium, (so I don’t have to pack bags of film or worry about airport X-ray problems!) I have the following points to offer you: If you are buying a SLR camera that will take your lens that can exchanged at this time, expect to spend a lot of money. Nikon D100 bodies alone can be found for around US$1000.00 (May 2006), and the excellent new Nikon D70 for the candid/photojournalistic aspect $ on Your Wedding Day will be shot in High Resolution Digital, and you have the option of shooting your formal/portrait photography in Digital too, or on Medium Format Film.While I recommend airbet88 Medium Format for all portrait work, I want to leave that choice up to you.

Imagine for a moment that you are asked to photograph an event or a place for a magazine. How will you handle the task of making sure that you are telling as much of the story as possible to your audience? In this article, we cover top event photography tips for creating beautiful photo stories.

What Story Would You Like To Tell?
Before you start, you need to know what you want to achieve with your photos. You may have been assigned to document an event, or you may be working on a personal project. The strategy is not much different.

Here’s an example to give you some ideas and inspiration…

The Record Players Association held a National Festival in April this year, celebrating the Society’s 80th anniversary. The event photography principles that I use here can be applied to all types of events.

Identify the Key Moments You Need for a Photoshoot

If you’re telling a story about an event, whether it’s a festival, a show, or even a conference, you need to determine the most important moments or places to shoot. By planning ahead, you will gain confidence, knowing that you will capture all the important moments and details. This then frees you to be more creative and seek out others, stimulating shooting when you least anticipate it.